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  • That an Alternate Payee can take a distribution from a QDRO account without a 10% penalty if they are under 55?

  • That retirement plans can have non-taxable monies inside of them such as ROTH contributions?

  • Retirement Plans that hold employer securities can offer a tax-advantaged distribution?

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Over 25 years experience

in the retirement plan industry


We assist attorneys and their clients in understanding retirement and pension plan assets during divorce.  We specialize in QDRO/DRO preparation, Pension Valuations, Marital Tracing and Investment Gain/Loss calculations.  


We also provide Summary Plan Description review services, Opinion letters and Expert Witness Testimony.


With over 20 years financial experience in the retirement and pension plan industry, we fully understand the inner workings of individual retirement plans and how a divorce will affect those benefits.  


We also assist in IRA rollovers, distributions and post-divorce administration and financial planning.*

Call Now for more information:  (888) 474-QDRO (7376)!

*  IRA rollover/distribution and financial advisory services offered through affiliated wealth advisory firms.  QDRO direct, LLC is a referral agent only.



Stephanie McQueen, Esq.

Law Offices of Stephanie McQueen, P.A.

"I have used Janen to complete divorce QDRO's for my divorce clients because she is absolutely reliable, reasonably priced and i have peace of mind knowing that this work will be done correctly. Janen's company has a great reputation in the legal community because of the long term reliability she provides."

Kim Nutter, Esq.

Brinkley, Morgan, P.A.

"Janen always provides valuable, competant and timely services to clients as a QDRO and Pension consultant, as a Wealth Advisor and financial planner. I highly recommend Janen to assist you and your clients."

Jeffrey Wasserman, Esq.

Blassi, Wasserman, & Hermann, P.A.

"Janen does excellent work in putting together QDRO's for client's of mine. She is efficient, knows her subject and is not afraid to ask questions to make certain she gets it right. I will continue to use her going into the future."

Natalie Lemos, Esq.

Leinoff & Lemos, P.A.

"I have used Janen to prepare QDRO's over the years. She is extremely responsive, very detail oriented and produces a great product without great cost. I highly recommend her for the preparation of QDRO's and for any retirement plan issues you may have in your practice."

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