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QDRO direct, LLC was started to help attorneys and their clients understand how retirement plans and/or pensions worked and to assist them with the consequences of dividing them in divorce.  Most attorneys and their clients do not fully understand how QDROs work, only that they needed a QDRO.  Many benefits associated with retirement plans, such as survivor benefits, DROP, Cost of Living increases and disability benefits were never addressed, resulting in lost benefits or sudden termination of benefits on the Participant's death.  Additionally, many settlement agreements would state that a plan was to be divided via a QDRO only to find out later, the plan isn't divisible.  


Our staff and network of affiliates have well over 60 years combined experience in the financial, retirement, ERISA and legal industry.  QDRO direct, LLC's staff and professional affiliations are comprised of QDRO & Pension Consultants who are also licensed Financial Advisors, Retirement Plan specialists, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Certified Pension Consultants,  ERISA and Family Law attorneys.  Our combined experience surpasses that of other QDRO and Pension Valuation firms.  Our experience and knowledge crosses over all disciplines, not just one, as is the case with other firms.

Janen Moyer-Pesso, AWMA, CRPC,  CDFA, LPS

Accredited Wealth Management Advisor

Chartered Retirement Plan Counselor

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

QDRO & Pension Consultant

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