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QDRO direct, LLC offers several services in addition to QDRO preparation and review.  We also offer pension valuations, stock option valuations, marital tracing, investment gain/loss calculations and plan review and interpretation services.  We are also available for expert witness testimony.

QDRO preparation & review


We will draft the appropriate QDROs/DROs and/or Court Orders needed to divide any pension and/or retirement plan that requires one.  We will also review and QDRO/DRO prepared by opposing counsel and issue a comment letter.

Additionally, we will obtain a pre-approval from the Plan Administrator for plans that provide pre-approval services, which will ensure that the QDRO will be accepted by the Plan prior to Court filing.

As we are not attorneys, you and/or your attorney will be responsible for all court filings.

Pension & Stock Option Valuations


There are several ways to value pension benefits in a divorce.  The most common valuation includes calculating the lump, sum present value of a lifetime pension benefit.  This allows a party to potentially keep their pension and offset the lump sum value with another asset. 

If the parties do not have enough assets to offset, then a second method is to determine what portion of the monthly pension was earned during the marriage at the salary levels earned during the marriage.  This method in essence "carves out" the portion of the monthly pension that was actually earned during the marriage.

We also provide valuation services for stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, RSAs, ISOs and NQSO benefits.

Marital Tracing &
Investment Gain/Loss Calculations


Many times, parties have assets prior to marriage and continue to accumulate assets after a divorce has been filed, especially in retirement accounts.  In many states, only the funds that accumulated during a marriage is considered "marital property" and subject to division.  We are able to trace and identify the contributions and the related investment gain/losses on those contributions over the course of the marriage.  This helps preserve those pre-marital and non-marital funds earned by a party.

Expert Witness Testimony


We are available to testify in any matter that requires expert witness testimony as it relates to the valuation services provided and/or to explain the retirement and/or financial assets at issue.

We have testified in several states and counties and are also available to testify remotely via video/tele-conferencing.

IRA Rollover & Post-Divorce
Financial Guidance


As part of the QDRO fees paid, you are entitled to a complimentary distribution and/or rollover consultation to discuss the tax ramifications and/or distribution options available to you once the QDRO has been processed.

Additionally, we have strategic relationships with financial and tax advisors to whom we may refer you for further financial and tax guidance.

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